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Hi everyone,

there are still peope adding me here, however I´m just blogging over there:   retromodelsari.blogspot.com/ please pay me a visit there soon to find out everything that´s new! :-)



Hi everyone,

it i New Years Eve hence it is the best time for changes... My change is that I´ll switch my blog over to here: http://retromodelsari.blogspot.com/ as blogspot is easier to handle and I have a easier time browsing through the blogs I follow. I´ll be back once in a while to check out what is going on here...

Have a fab evening!!!


Hi everyone! I packed my gifts yesterday (most of them - I still wait for something) and today I´ll start to pack my luggage to drive home to my mothers place for X-Mas. In the past we allways celebrated at the same place: My great-grandmothers apartment. But she died last year at the 25th of december so for the first time in more than a decade we won´t celebrate there. Last X-Mas was already tough as her son, that lived with her, had died a half year previously. So you can imagine that this is different to how it used to be. We´ll try to occoupy ourselves and make it a nice X-Mas anyway. Our last action with my great-grandmother was to drink a glass of champagne and sing a song from the 30s that she had danced to with a boyfriend of hers when she was young (I had bought a sampler with old German songs that where hits in the 20s to 40s for myself and when my great-grandmothers birthday came up I bought her the same cause she loved to sing old songs. It turned out a great idea as from now on she listened to that Cd often and shared memories she connected with the songs.) hence I guess we´ll drink a glas of champagne on her and listen to that song. John has to work until the 24rth, so he´ll hurry to us just in time for the presents and Gulasch-Soup right after it. By the time we come back home our stomaches will be totally messed up again. We eat quiet healthy at home most of the time, at Moms they stuff us with fat meat and calories. :-D


Best of 2009

Hi everyone!

I finished my Best of Video today!!!!!! Íf you missed everything I did in 2009 you will get pretty much an idea of what I did.... If you did not miss out on everything I did I hope you´ll like it anyway;-)


Bows and Skulls and blue and red

Hi evryone!

Today I was a bit bored as John is working all day, so I slapped some make up on my face and made some selfs with my camera :-)

The beret with the bow and skull is from van Asch. I ran into it at the Antique trade fair in Kista/Sweden this October. You can check their website here: http://vanasch.myshopify.com/

The backgrounds are made of gift-wrapping. Alinka gave me the hint that those are cool for photos and cheaper than buying a regular one.

Tommorow we plan to go to the medieval X-Mas market in Cologne. It´ll be fun.

How to choose with whom you work

Hi everyone,

what all the newbie pin ups keep hearing is that they should "work with good photographer".

But how do you recognize a good one?

Don´t depend it on how long someone has been takig photos. Some do it for 20 + years and their photos are still blury, unflattering and have unmotivated women standing naked in a living room with the heater in the background. Others just started a few months ago and their work does blow your mind. I have seen both extremes. Some have talent right from the start. Others work hard to reach new heights and develope. Others... well, let´s say it may be a nice hobby and as long they enjoy it they may keep on doing it, but they don´t have an eye for photography. Or they are just glad to get a girl naked so they can satisfy their weird needs.

Don´t be harsh to a photographer whose work you don´t like. Possibly he is in a learning phase and still searching for his own style and his works will be stunning in a half year or 1, 2, 3 years. He just needs time and at a later point you will happily work together. However if his work looks bad since 20+ years there won´t be a change anytime soon. This is why you really have to watch out wether someone is a beginner with potencial that you could get back to at a later point or not. Wether you like someones style of photographing is up to you really.

Google! If someones profile does not give away much information google up their name/nickname and see what you find. You know, photos on other websites, references etc. This can be very enlightening. Chance are that any model posted about the experiences with the photographer wether they were good or bad. It is good to know whom you are dealing with. Are the references he uses real actually? Someone can tell you a lot. A little backgroundcheck is safer. (Plus chances are he did a little research on you, too). And if someone comes across as a akward person you don´t want to work with him/her. Avoiding trouble just via 3 minutes of research is a good deal. Listen do your gut feeling and wether you sympathisise with him/her.

Photographers that photograph at home are not necessarily rapists. They probably don´t have the cash to hire a big studio/have a spare room to use anyway/feel more comfy doing things home. You´d be surprised how many of the photographers I worked with just started with taking photos infront of a background hang up in their living room. Also don´t bother about how expensive their equipment might have been. It is the result that counts. I stood infront of many spotlights bought at a local home improvement store. Let´s take a well-known example. Miss Giggles started taking pin up photos in her living room with those spotlights. Many others do it, too. It tells nothing about the quality. Either someone can take a fab photo or not.

So my personal procedure. Either I post about a idea I´m having and anounce that I look for a photographer or someone writes me a mail asking wether I´d like to take photos with him. I check out his pics and if I like them but his profile doesn´t give away much I start my google research, check out his website etc. I write a friendly "No thanks." if I do not like the pics/his idea/have any doubts about him or I say "yes" and than we throw together our ideas, fix a date and talk about outfits, contract conditions and all that. We´ll exchange our phone-numbers and that´s it. The point is: Give them an answer wether it is a yes of no. Be well-behaved.

References are a cool thing. Possibly a photographer has connections that can be helpfull for you. But usually I just concentrate on a shooting, have fun and if some way shows up to extend both our references that is cool. If not at least we´ll be having beautifull pictures that we can be proud of. :-)

X-Mas Cuties

Hi everyone!

If you don´t have a X-Mas calendar like me, but are craving for something sweet I recommend this calorie-free alternative:


You might see a few familiar faces over there plus yours truely ;-)


Almost Famous

Hi everyone!

262.793 people saw my youtube videos! That´s 1/4rth of a Million! And about every 10th visited my Channel, too. I almost feel famous now!:-)

I´ll be putting up a best of video for 2009 by the end of december that will show footage from all my shootings this year. I just wait for my last shooting for 2009 to happen (19th of december - the day before I drive to my Mom for X-Mas) and in case I get to film there I want to include it. It´ll be a shooting with Fake Snow so it´ll be something quiet special! I wait to hear which ideas we will use and than I´ll start to get crafty.

Besides that nothing special is going on right now...


Sari and the Oligarcs


a) A Russian/German Polka Rockband
b) A movie for children where the little orphan Sari becomes awesomely rich cause she is such a good girl
c) A roundup on my shopping-tour for Sonia Rykiel stuff

Off course the right answer is c. ;-) (And off course it is fake-fur that I wear on this photo!!!)

I went to get some of the new H & M lingerie. It rarely happanens that I join one of the H & M designer events. Let´s face it. Most modern designers are not my cup of tea. And just cause a name is well-known I mustn´t have it when it hits the store. The last time I actually went was when Victor & Rolf did a collection with H & M some years ago.

However the Sonia Rykiel stuff looked very VERY nice so I was to be found in the mall this morning hanging out at the store with 5-6 more people waiting for it to open. I went in and realised they had not everything I wanted, however I had already found a bra that I loved and that fit perfect! The good news: Much of the stuff is up to an D-cup. Halleluja. The bad news: The bodies and some of their bras are in clothes sizes, not in bra-sizes. Blaaaaaah. I hate that. Fortunetly it´s the minority.

I found out that one store in the old town has ALL the stuff, including the powder-beige and black and night blue bras I was particulary after. So I jumped into the tram and off I went.

Sucessfully I grabbed the stuff that I liked in my size and stood in the waiting row and than I saw a creature that I wouldn´t ever meet in real life by any chance... Now you maybe wonder how come that I was so sure she was a russian millionaire wife?

Hint 1: At first I thought it was a joke when she put on that silly looking fur hat. Like when I go to a shop and put on all sorts of silly head-dresses and hats to make John laugh. This hat was for real fur. And she was serious about wearing it. Even indoors.

Hint 2: She had a matching fur-coat.

Hints 3: she already had 5 bags stuffed full with Sonia Rykiel lingerie standing there, watched by her entourage of 4 girlfriends.

Hint 4: They indeed talked Russian all the time.

I don´t have prejudice really, but you must admit this was obvious: Oligarc wife. Poor me. I had her standing in the row infront of me and she needed forever :-D I can only assume that her husband lost 100 Millions of his Billions of Dollars, so now she has to go shopping at H & M instead of buying the original Sonia Rykiel designer wear. Possibly this is also the reason, why they are at non of the cold snowy and expensive places where the jet-setters are supposed to be right now to ski. ;-)

Anyway: The lingerie looks good and seems to be of good quality. I made the jump-test and they could hold my bazookas perfectly and were high enough to keep them from falling out. The girdles were too stretchy for my taste. I´ll stick to my Ragos, KMD and WKD ones instead. The lace panties were way too low and the panties to go with the poweder beige and black and blue sets were sorta cute, but not that specific that I´d need them.

P.s.: How about getting Agent Provocateur as the next H & M lingerie designer. I love looking at their stuff, but I´ll never be able to afford it anyway.

If I only had a few more months to live...

Hi everyone,

I readed this LJ entry and it brought me to tears: http://community.livejournal.com/corsetmakers/1700764.html

In short words for those that don´t want to read it all: A ladies husband was diagnosed cancer and he only has a few more months to live. Now they ask for donations for either a auction to cover the costs for treatment and funeral or a paypal-donation.

Even just to imagine this horrible thing could happen to me or someone I like makes me deeply depressed and breaks my heart. In fact I cry a little while typing this entry. And so Iam wondering: What would I do if I only had a few more months to live and knew that?

I think I would sell most of the things and would take the money to visit everyone that had a impact on me, wether a good one or a bad one. Those that were good to me and those that did me wrong. And no matter what they were to me I would probably give them a big fat hug and a kiss if they let me and thank them for everything good and and bad because let´s face it: Everone that made and impact MADE ME WHAT IAM. And my masterplan is to die in peace with everyone and everything. Do you think any of the people that love me or even any of the people that don´t could deny me that? I don´t.

I would return the visits I promised or at least try (they pile up. I know I know... Acually I have to at least stop by the US and some are wating in England and in Switzerland and god knows where else that I forgot).

How about a goodbye-party as well??? I won´t have much of my funeral, so how about celebrating life a bit before passing?

However I hope I still have many years to come and get at least as old as my great-grandmother (99 years old! She died last X-Mas) and can do it little by little instead.

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